Relocating Site

The last two weeks I have been working hard to relocate my site to my own hosting, please join and follow me on Spanking Artworks.

In case you received updates via email I have to ask you to subscribe on the new domain, otherwise you won’t receive new updates anymore.
See below a list of most recent posts on the blog.

  • Enjoy this collection German New Year Cards, created between 1905/1915 (I think).
  • These artworks are from an unknown artist, ca 1940
  • Otto Rudolf Schatz (1900 – 1961) was born in Vienna, Austria, he was a book illustrator, graphic artist and a
  • This artwork by Marc Michetz is for sale via auction. Click the artwork or go here to see more details
  • Spanking art with a little dark/fantasy twist, if that is what you are looking for then be sure to check
  • Kirk Stiles (1912-1980) was a artist, cartoonist and semi-professional magician. His cartoons were featured in the Saturday Evening Post,Look, Time, the
  • Dutch masters, but unknown 😉 created ca 17/18th century. It’s title was mentioned as ‘Spanking the Maid’
  • N. Carman was a illustrator who drew F/F spanking art in the 1920s and 1930s. Someone suspected that N. Carman’s
  • A collection vintage art for sale as print or poster. These are all collected by me throughout the years and
  • This collection shows the diversity in spanking art, by various modern artists. Click the art to view in large format

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